Members only commenting! Also some recs


Alas, this is not me resurrecting this comm from mostly dead-ness (though if anyone else wants to I would be thrilled!). I still want to maintain it as a resource and have been getting lots of spam comments lately, so have disabled non-member commenting.

To make up for the boringness of this post, here's some actual recs, what with it having been two years since I posted here you'd think I could dig up some more...

Aya and Edi Mass Effect/Green Lantern: The Animated Series
GlaDOS and EDI Portal/Mass Effect
Homestuck Comic Homestuck
The Sufferer and His Family Homestuck
Loki The Avengers
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A bunch of recs

Supernatural: Sam and Dean Winchestgopal by glockgal One and Two: Fantastic fancomics imagining Sam and Dean as Desi. Clever and funny and cute and biting.

Pride and Prejudice: Pride and Prejudice by palnk Very cute interpretation of a particular scene

Kate Beaton has done a bunch: Ooh Mr Darcy, a fanfiction, Rolling In Her Grave, A Little Austen Update

Star Trek: IT'S REGENCY TREK by lamamama: Star Trek + regency + Kate Beaton references = awesome

Dragon Age Origins: The Pile by tahara_l and bamftastik: The Warden and Alistair end up having to share their tent on a rainy night. Adorable and funny.
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Rules post

Shifted here instead of the userinfo to make the comm look less scary. It's not like we get a lot of rulebreakers and I think they mostly go without saying.

Feel free to use this post to make any suggestions/complaints etc about the comm.
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Dragon Age: Origins

This computer game is my new obsession, and a fairly high proportion of it's fanart is fancomics which warms the cockles of my heart.

First, some recs:

Title:Dragon Age Will Break Your Heart by nernie
Description: One-shot humour about romance with Alistair. Mild vague spoilers, but personally I would rather have been warned (as it was the game broke my heart too).

Probably the most prolific and talented fancommicer (fancomic artist?) is Aimo, who was actually asked to draw an official fancomic by Bioware. She mostly does cute Aeducan/Alistair stuff, but I think my favourite is Siblings, a 4-page wordless gen comic about the Aeducans (dwarf noble family) set shortly before the game begins.

And now my own comics:

Title: Various Attempts at Romance in Dragon Age: Origins
Description: Many different pairings with three different origin stories and how they all went horribly wrong. Humour, PG maybe? First two not spoilery.

Title: Alternate ending to Dragon Age
Description: Spoilery fix to my failed Brosca/Alistair romance. Humour, G.

Title: The most popular girl in the tower
Description: Templars aren't allowed to date mages + Dagna isn't a mage = this comic :) Humour, G.
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Avatar the Last Airbender: Gaang Jr Adventures

(Since there's always the chance it'll be rejected from fancomiccentral)

Rating: G
Found At: Gaang Jr. archive wiki

Description: (from the website) Gaang Jr. is a fan-made expanded universe for Avatar: The Last Airbender, taking place about twenty years after the TV show. Five kids, children of the original Gaang, ran away from home and now travel the world, sailing the high seas in search of ADVENTURE! (Canon pairings, plus OCs and subtextual Azula/Ty Lee)

Comments: Since they're by various artists the quality of these varies pretty dramatically, but a lot of them are pretty cute. In particular Mayeko has some great comics.

I think this is a very cool idea.
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Rec: Girls Next Door (Labyrinth, Phantom of the Opera, others)

I was going to post this to fancomiccentral then realised it's already been posted and somehow I missed it.

Girls Next Door by Pika-la-Cynique, PG, crossover between Labyrinth, Phantom of the Opera and several other fandoms

A very meta-humourish fancomic about Sarah from Labyrinth and Cristine from Phantom of the Opera being roommates and trying to avoid their respective stalkery would-be-boyfriends.

Normally I am pretty squicked by Sarah/Jareth or any "stalking evil guys are sexy and awesome" plot, but this is so very meta about the fact that they're evil-yet-sexy, not to mention fond of skewering anyone's attempts to be woobieish that I liked it anyway. The fact that it's really funny and well drawn helped.

It's a spin-off of another fancomic Roomates which is the same setting but focusing on the boys, but I didn't like it as much and you can understand Girls Next Door without it.
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Supernatural: Good fourth walls make good neighbours

Title: Good fourth walls make good neighbors
Artist: counteragent
Fandom: fandom, Supernatural
Rating: Gen, PG-13

I thought this was worth recording since it showed up on metafandom's delicious account (and thus will be on the next post) as meta, which is rare for fanworks. One could argue that being a comic ABOUT fanfic rather a comic which IS fanfic it's off topic for this comm but as the mod I'm going to let it slide :)

It doesn't speak to my experience since I don't like SPN, don't write anything very controversial, and have a husband who would at worst spork my hypothetical porn for implausibility. But I think it captures the experience of fans who do have to worry about this sort of thing pretty well, and I like the innovative usage of the fancomic medium for meta.
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Places to post multi-page fancomics

I've been pondering places to post fancomics after experimenting a bit with An Archive of Their Own and DeviantArt.

So: I'd say there are three types of fancomics. One off single pages/panels, multi-page stories, and ongoing webcomics.

All three need some sort of image hosting and some way for other fans to find them (assuming you want that) The latter two also need some way to navigate between the pages of the comic.
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A whole bunch of Avatar:TLA fancomics

I've spent the morning looking through the Avatar:The Last Airbender fanart on DeviantArt and found quite a few cool fancomics. And then I discovered Avatar Fancomics and Avatar Comics, which have a HUGE collection of comics!

My favourite so far is Finale Thoughts by rufftoon. She has a whole bunch of other cool comics, Why Avatar Episodes are Late is very cute.

Booster Freak has over eighty gag strips, I think Gagstrip 67 is my favourite non-spoilery one.

Two other cute short comics are Twilight of the Avatar by cd007and The Ember Island Players by dailan.

There's also a LOT of more or less good natured shipping comics, but I'm not poking that with a stick :)